Capstone's Top Underappreciated Policy Catalysts for 2024

Welcome to Capstone’s annual forecast of unappreciated policy and regulatory themes companies, investors, and industries should expect to play out in 2024. Here we explore unprecedented energy spending, the underappreciated risks of artificial intelligence, shifting US-China Strategy, and a host of risks and opportunities in the healthcare, financial services, and tech industries, and more. See below for our top 14 underappreciated policy catalysts across the industries we cover.  

The Unstoppable IRA Wave

Why the Clean Energy Bill Will Withstand Repeal Efforts and other Challenges

AI Wars to Heat up

Why the US and EU Will Escalate Their AI Trade War, and Why it Carries Underappreciated Risks

The Strategic Shift

Why US-China Policy Will Shift to More Subtle Posturing

Crypto’s Regulatory Moment

Why a Confluence of Regulatory Dynamics Will Spark the Asset Class

Waves at The Ballot Box

Why EU Electoral Dynamics Will Have Underappreciated Implications Across Industry

The FCC’s Closing Window

Why Regulators Will Double Down on Their Agenda

Providers Under Pressure

Why Healthcare Providers Will Feel the Heat, and How Relief May Emerge

Trouble on All Sides

Why Insurers Face Underappreciated Pain Ahead

A Rocky Path

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Face a Tougher Road Ahead

The CFPB Unshackled

Why the Temperature Will be Turned Up on the Consumer Finance Industry

Insurance Industry in the Regulatory Spotlight

Why Regulators Will Have a Heavier Hand in the Sector and the Opportunities and Risks it Will Bring

Banks Fight Back

Why Banks Will Push Back Aggressively Across Several Regulatory Fronts and why Regulators Won’t go Down Without a Fight

Caught in the Middle

Why US-China Competition Holds Underappreciated Risks for Microelectronics and Consumer Goods

The Two Faces of Education Policy

Why the Education Industry Will See Elevated Regulatory Activity and the Risks and Opportunities it Will Present

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