2024 Policy Forecasts: Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Welcome to Capstone’s annual forecast of unappreciated policy and regulatory themes companies, investors, and, industries should expect to play out over the course of the year in technology, media and telecommunications.

AI Wars to Heat up: Why the US and EU Will Escalate Their AI Trade War, and Why it Carries Underappreciated Risks 

Capstone believes the US-EU de facto trade war over AI will escalate in 2024, posing underappreciated risks and opportunities across tech and other industries.


    Caught in the Middle: Why US-China Competition Holds Underappreciated Risks for Microelectronics and Consumer Goods 

    Capstone believes US-China tensions pose notable underappreciated risks in the upcoming election year for microelectronics manufacturers and platforms selling consumer goods made in China, despite a more stable US-China relationship materializing in recent months.


    The FCC’s Closing Window: Why Regulators Will Double Down on Their Agenda

    Capstone believes the Democrat-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will double down on its aggressive agenda ahead of the 2024 elections, posing a swath of underappreciated risks and opportunities across the telecommunication industry.  


    Crypto’s Regulatory Moment: Why a Confluence of Regulatory Dynamics Will Spark the Asset Class

    Capstone believes Grayscale’s victory against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in August has begun to open the floodgates for crypto issuers, as the commission will approve a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by July 2024, kickstarting an underappreciated resurgence for the beleaguered asset class.


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