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The Atlantic: Biden Was Right

In 2017, I arrived at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport as part of a congressional staff delegation. Even though the U.S. embassy stood a mere four miles away, safety concerns necessitated our helicoptering from a recently constructed multimillion-dollar transit facility instead of traveling by road.

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SEC Agenda 2022 Preview

Looming Reforms to Turn up Heat on Financials Download January 28, 2022 Capstone believes the Securities and Exchange Commission...

Fintech 2022 Regulatory Preview

Regulators Play Catchup with Fintechs Download January 26, 2022 Fintech companies, which have sped their pace of innovation amid...

Telecom 2022 Policy Preview

Accelerated Telecom Action & 5g Disputes Download January 25, 2022 The Biden administration and Democrat-led federal...

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