Case Studies


  • The New World of Higher Interest Rates By: David Barrosse, CEO November 30, 2021 — In the aftermath of the financial crisis, I had the pleasure of working on financial regulation policy issues with Jay Powell when we were both affiliated with the Bipartisan Policy Center (an organization more important now than ever). After his nomination to be a Fed Governor, we […]Learn More
  • Power, Responsibility, and the Coming Big Tech Platform Regulatory Dilemma By: Ian Tang November 23, 2021 — Facebook rebranding as Meta—a nod to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions to pivot the company’s primary focus to building the so-called “metaverse”—is the clearest sign to date that we are entering a moment of transition for the internet. The metaverse is positioned as the next version of the internet […]Learn More
  • Two Burgeoning Catalysts from COP26 By: Dhanush Arun November 16, 2021—Walking among the protests and the bustling meetings of the busy city centre in Glasgow earlier at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), I was struck by both the palpable sense of excitement and hope in the air that mixed in with a growing but healthy dose of scepticism. The […]Learn More
  • Regulators are Coming To The Housing Party By: Makenzy Brown November 10, 2021 — In late October, Capstone joined more than 3,500 home lending professionals and top regulators—including Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Acting Director Sandra Thompson and US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia Fudge—at the annual Mortgage Bankers Association Convention and Expo in San Diego, California. While […]Learn More
  • Facebook’s Metaverse Plans Will Intensify Regulatory Battles; Pose New Risks on Content, Privacy, Antitrust, Crypto Fronts By: Nate Boone & JB Ferguson November 4, 2021 — Capstone believes Facebook Inc.’s (FB) effort to become the primary platform for the metaverse faces pervasive policy headwinds and intensifies content moderation challenges, privacy issues, and antitrust concerns as the company develops its new platform and adoption begins. On October 28th, Facebook rebranded itself as […]Learn More
  • Build Back Better Update: Failing Their Way To Success By: Maxwell Reale November 1, 2021 — After a dramatic, frantic—and ultimately anticlimactic—week in Congress, it is clear that Democrats are making significant progress toward passing President Biden’s two major legislative goals—the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID) and the FY22 Reconciliation Bill (Recon 2). As such, we are revising upward our outlook for the passage of […]Learn More
  • Next on the Biden Foreign Policy Agenda: China, the Energy Crisis, Rattled Allies By: Daniel Silverberg, managing director of corporate practice & co-head of the national security team October 28, 2021—In the coming months, the Biden administration will shift its focus from crisis response in Afghanistan toward two key threats: containing China in South and Central Asia and addressing a burgeoning global energy crisis, which could send US gas […]Learn More
  • Beyond Power: The Broadening Scope of Greenhouse Gas Policy By: Eric Scheriff October 19, 2021 — Capstone recently held meetings on the policies driving the energy transition with the Biden administration’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher of Houston (D-TX), and sustainability-focused executives from several companies—including First Solar, Delta Airlines, Bloom Energy, Renewable Energy Group, and Hannon Armstrong. The takeaways from these […]Learn More
  • Opening up EPA’s PFAS Toolbox: How One Little-Understood Statute Could Be the Key to PFAS Regulation By: Gianna Kinsman October 12, 2021 — As the Biden administration ramps up work to fulfill its campaign promise to control per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals, and it becomes clearer that manufacturers of the so-called “forever chemicals” face mounting risk of corporate liability and litigation, much of Capstone’s discussions with clients have centered around two […]Learn More
  • Build Back Better’s Path: Better a Diamond with a Flaw Than a Pebble Without By: Maxwell Reale October 5, 2021 — While some pundits may view the previous weeks’ lack of resolution on President Biden’s two major legislative accomplishments—the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID) and the FY22 Reconciliation Bill (Recon 2)—as a signal for increased pessimism that either efforts will eventually pass, Capstone disagrees. To quickly recap: President Biden and […]Learn More