2024 Policy Forecasts: Healthcare

Welcome to Capstone’s annual forecast of unappreciated policy and regulatory themes companies, investors, and, industries should expect to play out over the course of the year in the healthcare sector.

Providers Under Pressure: Why Healthcare Providers Will Feel the Heat, and How Relief May Emerge

Capstone believes most healthcare providers will be pressured by sustained labor inflation in the wake of the pandemic as temporary federal boosts exit the system and a savings-focused Congress shuts the tap off. 


    Trouble on All Sides: Why Insurers Face Underappreciated Pain Ahead  

    Capstone believes Medicare Advantage (MA) insurers will face underappreciated pressure from all sides as a swath of reforms finalized in 2023, designed to crack down on various forms of overpayment, are implemented over the next few years.


    A Rocky Path: Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Face a Tougher Road Ahead

    Capstone believes pharmaceutical manufacturers will continue to face a rockier landscape in 2024 than the industry and its investors expect as Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) implementation uncertainties continue.


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