2024 Policy Forecasts: Financial Services

Welcome to Capstone’s annual forecast of unappreciated policy and regulatory themes companies, investors, and, industries should expect to play out over the course of the year in the financial services sector.

The CFPB Unshackled: Why the Temperature will be Turned Up on the Consumer Finance Industry 

Capstone expects consumer-friendly regulatory pressure to ratchet up for financial companies providing consumer-facing products and services as freed-up regulators race against the electoral clock to pursue Biden’s agenda before the 2024 election.

    Banks Fight Back: Why Banks Will Push Back Aggressively Across Several Regulatory Fronts and why Regulators Won’t go Down Without a Fight

    Capstone expects banks to push back aggressively across several regulatory fronts in 2024, establishing a notable and underappreciated inflection point for regulation in the industry. But, we don’t expect regulators to go down without a fight.

      Insurance Industry on the Regulatory Spotlight: Why Regulators Will Have a Heavier Hand in the Sector and the Opportunities and Risks it Will Bring

      Capstone believes regulatory developments in 2024 will produce challenges for specific subsectors of the US insurance industry while unveiling underappreciated investment opportunities in others.


      The Two Faces of Education Policy: Why the Education Industry Will See Elevated Regulatory Activity and the Risks and Opportunities it Will Present   

      Capstone believes federal agencies will make significant progress in 2024 to push forward their agenda to improve educational affordability and empower K-12 schools with additional spending flexibility.


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