Moe Elias

Vice President

Moe joined Capstone in 2022 and is a Vice President on the Private Equity sales team. He works closely with private equity investors and corporations in the energy sector to provide market insights and identify transaction-related risks and tailwinds driven by policy and regulation.  

Prior to joining Capstone, Moe closely worked with clients to help them meet their investment objectives while managing risk. He assisted in managing $3+ billion in diversified portfolios, where he focused on multi-asset portfolios including alternative investments and ESG strategies. Using sophisticated and highly customized investment management methods to ensure the financial well-being of ultra-high net-worth individuals, entities, and foundations. Additionally, Moe worked as an Engineer at Global Engineering Solutions. There, he innovated product development, product design, engineering plans, and oversaw manufacturer sourcing/production.

Moe earned a B.S. in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering from California State University Northridge.