A Capstone policy day is a series of one-on-one meetings, exclusively for clients, with a carefully curated set of key policymakers and industry experts.  Policy days are often in high demand, and we generally cap attendance at 10-15 people to facilitate open discussion between policymakers and our clients.  Capstone holds, on average, four policy days per month, covering a wide range of topics across all sectors including financial services, healthcare, energy and other sectors.  During these days, clients are able to gain insight on the trajectory of complex regulation and government policy.

The meetings will often take place in Washington, DC, London, UK or destinations where state/country-level officials and stakeholders dealing with complex policy issues are located, such as San Juan, Puerto Rico; Brussels, Belgium; Columbia, South Carolina, and Chicago, Illinois.

Policy days span one or two days and are typically comprised of five to seven meetings per day.  Meeting discussions are led by Capstone analysts with ample opportunity for clients to ask tailored questions.  These meetings allow our clients to learn in a small group environment and converse with policymakers and officials to discuss policy and market-related themes rather than hear prepared remarks, helping clients to become more comfortable with complicated regulations and government sentiment.  This also allows the policymaker to ask questions and receive feedback as appropriate from our clients.

Recent Policy Day topics have included:

  • U.S. Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) and Housing Reform (Washington, DC)
  • Policy Responses to the 2017 California Wildfires (Sacramento and San Francisco, CA)
  • Solutions to the Fiscal Crisis in Puerto Rico (San Juan, PR, and Washington, DC)
  • Facebook and EU Future of Technology, Data Protection & Digital Tax Policy Day (Brussels, Belgium)
  • European Financial Services Outlook (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Outlook for U.S. Tariffs against China, and Renegotiation of NAFTA (Washington, DC)
  • Fate of South Carolina Utility SCANA Corp. in the Wake of the Summer Nuclear Plant Controversy (Columbia, SC)
  • Policy Outlook for the Proposed Merger of CVS and Aetna (Washington, DC)

Capstone also organizes conference calls for clients with global industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders of interest. During the call, clients are able to ask questions and engage with both our analysts and the speaker. Capstone often arranges these calls as a series, such that clients have opportunity to speak with multiple experts on separate occasions to get a wide range of perspectives to consider.

Recent Conference Call Topics have been:

  • California State Wildfires Legislation
  • Tech Regulation and GDPR
  • Opioid Litigation Outlook
  • GSEs Reform
  • Texas Power Market (ERCOT)
  • U.S. Trade Policy
  • Internet Advertising
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