Nick Galdos

Nick Galdos, Private Equity Sales Director


I work as a sales director focused on private equity energy/industrials clients and corporate energy clients. I work in a client management role, actively managing due diligence engagements for existing private equity and corporate clients and onboarding new clients.

Why did you decide to join Capstone?

Capstone offers a very niche, specialized product that I felt was truly value-additive to our institutional investor clients. The more I met with management and asked them tough, probing questions, the more impressed I was with the overall business model. I felt there was a compelling upside case for Capstone and the role I was considering. Three years later, the growth of the energy practice and Capstone overall has exceeded my upside scenario, and I believe there is still a substantial amount of growth ahead. The people, work product, clients, and firm culture are all of the highest caliber.


I previously worked in institutional equity sales at FBR Capital Markets. During that time, I worked on the sales & trading desk where I provided research, sales, and trading services in addition to raising primary capital for the firm’s banking clients.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Two things. First, interacting with private equity professionals and seeing how they construct investment theses for different businesses based on varying inputs (and then seeing how these investment theses ultimately play out). Second is being a part of the titanic shift in the world that is the energy transition. There are massive amounts of capital being invested in various businesses across the value chain that are all playing a part in this transition. While it will take a while, I am very curious to see what the world looks like in 10-20 years from an energy perspective.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy red wine quite a bit. As of last year, I’m a full-time member at seven different wineries.

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