Brynn Hammond, Senior Associate – Private Markets

Brynn is an analyst on our private markets team, where she covers the policy issues that impact our private equity and corporate clients. Brynn frequently conducts joint analysis with Capstone’s energy team while also working in unique focus areas like mining and critical minerals. Brynn has an MA in global security studies from The Johns Hopkins University.

Why Capstone…

Capstone is very dynamic in that it marries the policy and financial sectors in a way that is relatively uncommon. I was concerned about getting pigeonholed into one specific type of policy in my previous role, and I was drawn to the generalist nature of the Private Markets Group as it allows me to gain expertise on the several different policy areas. I also enjoy the local, state, and federal level analysis we conduct. Our work allows for a well-rounded view of certain policy impacts, and I was excited about the opportunity to challenge myself.

Before Joining Capstone..

I spent several years with O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, a lobbying firm focused on defense and national security issues. The firm represented several clients from smallest developers, to military vehicle manufacturers, to companies who created the nonviolent mobile surveillance capabilities that were ultimately used for Ukrainian border monitoring activities leading up to the Russian invasion.

The most enjoyable part of her role…

I really love the generalist aspect of my team because it ensures that no two workdays (or projects) are the same. As someone who gets bored easily, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of kicking off a new project in a new field every few weeks, and my role has given me the opportunity to work on a diverse portfolio of projects including those focused on domestic offshore wind development, educational programs for children with autism, and how different industries could be impacted by various geopolitical tensions. Every new engagement allows me the opportunity to study an entirely new area of policy.

An exciting project…

I recently conducted a deep dive on uranium policy in the United States, which is a unique policy focus and a newer one for Capstone. This industry has been relatively stagnant for several decades following a post-WWII collapse after the government stopped subsidizing the value chain, which has ultimately created a long-standing bust cycle for the industry. However, an increased interest in a clean energy transition has resulted in some significant federal investments in uranium production for the purposes of fueling advanced nuclear reactors – a point that has only been exacerbated by the recent energy crisis in Europe.

Outside of the office…

A few months ago, I successfully defended my thesis on coercive diplomacy in Libya and completed my graduate degree. Outside of work, I enjoy camping and generally being outdoors, especially with my dog. I also love traveling to new places – I try to visit one new country every year.

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