Capstone covers issues arising from advances in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT).  In an age of data scandals relating to privacy controls, digital companies’ impact on global governments and the subsequent public scrutiny of what new technology means for society, Capstone has become adept at analyzing and assessing the TMT sector and related potential legislation.  However, the collective understanding of the inner workings of online platforms is just beginning as policymakers and regulators seek to better understand the tracking of user behavior and online moderation practices.  Capstone is able to provide our clients with comprehensive and thorough analysis of the regulatory pressure, legislative trends and the dialog hovering around additional privacy protection as we continually follow developments in the TMT space.

Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter are all facing a fundamental shift in both U.S. and global appetite for regulation of online platforms.  In the U.S., regulators are concerned over online platforms’ use and protection of personal data.  In the UK, any platform selling targeted advertising could meaningfully violate the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Capstone analysts produce differentiated investment ideas surrounding the outlook for regulation of online platforms; minimum security requirements; breach notification and response; data protection; digital tax; competition issues; internet advertising; and collection and sale of user data.

As wireless technology has evolved, the satellite industry has found ways to use spectrum more efficiently.  This technological evolution has been occurring in the satellite space for decades, and Capstone is well positioned to analyze the outlook for spectrum options and designs; the evolution of the wireless sector’s impact on wireline communications; and network infrastructure siting and deployment.

Selected Issues:

  • Fixed satellite services
  • 5G and C-Band Spectrum
  • FCC rulemakings
  • Data privacy and user tracking
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • EU tax on digital companies
  • Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market


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