Dhanush Arun

Dhanush Arun, Head of European Energy, Industrials, and Infrastructure

What do you enjoy most about your role?

It feels cutting edge! There is just so much happening in the policy world related to the decarbonization of the energy sector and there is a real appetite amongst investors to drive some of that change. The niche between policy and finance is a very interesting and rewarding place to sit.

What did you do before Capstone?

I spent eight years at J.P. Morgan before joining Capstone. After graduating from university, I moved to India to start my career. I later transitioned to London where I spent some time on Europe’s largest trading floor before moving to equity research where I covered oil and gas and Saudi oil macro policy.

What is an exciting project you’ve been working on?

The decarbonization of transport is a really exciting space at the moment. We have been advising clients on various policy frameworks globally to incentivise the production of biofuels using different feedstocks like used cooking oils, manure, and household waste. Biofuels like biodiesel can be used in road transport, sustainable aviation fuel can be dropped-into existing aircraft engines to replace conventional jet fuel, and biomethane can be injected into the gas grid to heat our homes. Nascent technologies like these can be risky and expensive to invest in so understanding policy and regulatory frameworks becomes imperative.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love nature and wildlife and I have been on over 100 safaris in my life (I teared up when I saw my first tiger in the wild!). While the UK isn’t necessarily known for its jungles, I currently lead a birding group dedicated to promoting birding and access to green spaces for minority/POC communities.

Research by Dhanush:

Policy Momentum and Pitfalls of Europe’s Green Transport Revolution

EU Plastics Regulations to Present Headwinds for Dow Inc, LyondellBasell

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