Eva Raczkowski, Energy Analyst

Why did you decide to join Capstone?

I interned with Capstone in 2019 and the experience far surpassed my expectations, so the decision to come back was easy. I’m impressed by the supportive environment at Capstone, especially on the Energy team. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the sharp, forward-looking individuals that make Capstone so great, especially since the Biden administration was expected to have such a dynamic impact on energy and environmental policy.

What is an exciting project you’ve worked on lately?

One of my specific coverage areas is the California cap and trade program, which is a program to cap the amount of greenhouse gas emitted to achieve a 40% emission reduction goal by 2030. The policy is extremely sophisticated, and speaking with stakeholders who have a range of opinions on the program’s outlook has helped me gain a new appreciation for the “art of the possible” approach to decarbonization. I’ve especially enjoyed talking with stakeholders and clients on a more philosophical level about cap-and-trade, which is often contested as a way for greenhouse gas emitters to pay to pollute, especially given the growing emphasis on environmental justice in environmental policy.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best part of Capstone is my coworkers, from research to our editing and outreach teams. Because energy and the environment is such a broad range of topics and our team has such a high demand volume, collaboration, honesty, and integrity are crucial. I’m grateful that any question is welcomed, and often met with a sense of humor, and all members of the team roll up their sleeves and jump in. Above all, my colleagues both on and off the Energy team are supportive and so intelligent on such an impressive range of topics, but they’re still approachable.

What advice would you give to someone new to Capstone or thinking about joining Capstone?

If you want a professional environment that will let you run as fast and as far as you want, Capstone is the place for you. For folks earlier in their career, I’d emphasize that it’s entirely okay to ask questions and to be in steep part of the learning curve. At Capstone, we talk a lot about how to become better research analysts, which includes recognizing areas of bias and potential weakness. This includes a degree of humility and an open mind. It’s part of the process, not a personal defect, so lean in and understand that everyone is working towards the shared end goal of producing exceptional research products.

Research by Eva

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