Capstone offers a variety of research products for our clients.


We produce differentiated and comprehensive policy research focused on creating actionable investment ideas for our clients as well as context around policy developments and trends.


Capstone advises private equity firms on the impact, both positive and negative, of regulation on potential and existing investments. We provide this advice prior to purchase, during the life of the investment and in preparation for sale. We analyze regulation at every level of government in both the U.S. and Europe.

Our process efficiently identifies and quantifies regulatory/political risks and opportunities to specific private equity transactions.


An engagement with Capstone includes the ability to request ad-hoc policy research on any policy related topic. At the direction of clients, our team can quickly identify key regulatory issues impacting an investment and communicate the analysis in a concise memo along with follow-up conversations. These projects typically require two to three days, after which we will distill our findings in a memo or a phone call (or both) and walk through our research.


Capstone sponsors regular industry-themed policy days and conference calls that allow our clients to learn directly from policymakers and their staffs – and vice versa. The policy days consist of a series of small group meetings with high level officials to discuss relevant policy and potential changes to policy. This allows our clients and analysts the opportunities to ask questions and receive responses in real time. Our conference calls are another method of connecting our clients with policymakers. These discussions allow our clients to speak with policy and legal experts about relevant themes without having to travel.

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