• Capstone completed due diligence for a private equity firm that was considering an investment in a U.S. non-violent crisis prevention training program with significant exposure to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations and state-based health insurance regulations.


  • We reviewed current and proposed legislation, regulation, white papers and academic studies related to the crisis prevention training in certain end markets and analyzed state-by-state changes in training regulations since 2012.
  • We conducted numerous one-on-one interviews with policymakers and stakeholders involved in the relevant end markets, including:
    • Regulators;
    • Hospital accreditors;
    • Congressional staff;
    • US Department of Education behavioral experts; and
    • Mental health, education and dementia care advocates.


  • We provided a deconstruction of historical revenue by end-market by state by regulatory training requirement.
  • We concluded that the company was likely to benefit from a number of policy-driven tailwinds, and while policy related risks were present, they were manageable.
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Washington DC

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