• Capstone was retained by the private equity arm of a leading international pension fund to advise them on their potential acquisition of a U.S.-based consumer installment lender.


  • We examined state and federal regulations, current and proposed regulations and regulatory guidance and held numerous one-on-one conversations with key stakeholders in the consumer financial services industry, including current and/or former:
    • Senior Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) officials;
    • State lawmakers, regulators and offices of attorneys general;
    • Leading consumer advocates; and
    • Lobbyists and industry stakeholders.


  • We concluded the policy risks of the investment were manageable, as policymakers and advocates generally view the company’s offerings as favorable to other forms of consumer credit. We assessed certain long-term areas of concern that could arise, for example related to the company’s sales of ancillary products and political dynamics in some states in which the company operated.
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