Case Studies


  • Business Opportunities in the Rapidly Growing Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Sector Our Call: Capstone first wrote in January 2020 that the nascent climate adaptation and resiliency sector will experience double-digit growth in the next five years, with sustained multiyear demand cycles. The increase in resiliency spending presents burgeoning opportunities for firms across a growing number of sectors, including the data, flood protection, materials, and engineering, procurement, […]Learn More
  • Utility Special Situation—SCANA Our Call: Capstone published that shares of South Carolina utility SCANA (SCG) presented an attractive risk-reward after a significant sell-off in the shares appeared to price in an unlikely worst-case regulatory outcome.  We believed state regulators were likely to punish the company for its mismanagement of the nuclear reactor project, but believed ultimately they would […]Learn More
  • Wastewater Midstream, Oil & Gas Production, and Leasing & Permitting Risks to a Midstream Company’s Business Model The Request: Capstone advised a group of clients on their potential acquisition of a water pipeline network in the Permian that relied on production volumes and rig activity in the region.  Specifically, Capstone analyzed federal and state level regulations and legislation, along with potential policy changes as the result of federal elections, that could impact […]Learn More