Private Equity Strategy and Due Diligence

Legislation and regulation impact an increasing number of industries in the United States and Europe. Capstone assists our clients in identifying risks and opportunities created by changes in these policies. Our team leverages its relationships and expertise to give private equity professionals accurate analysis of the regulatory environment surrounding the financial services, healthcare and energy sectors and how it may impact current or potential investments. 


Why is Capstone Better than a Law Firm?

  • Capstone is better than the typical law firm at predictive analysis of political and policy issues. Capstone's entire business is based on the ability to accurately predict regulatory events.
  • Capstone maintains relationships with key policymakers at both the federal and state level. With these relationships, Capstone is able to engage policymakers in one-on-one conversations about the issues at hand and understand the potential catalysts in the regulatory sphere.
  • Our experience  Capstone has completed many due diligence projects for some of the largest and most respected private equity investors in the world. With a clear focus on financial services transactions, we are able to complete a wide arrange of projects that include specialty finance, mortgage finance and banking.

Due Diligence –

When engaged by a client, Capstone's analysts conduct quick-turnaround, due diligence projects to assess the high-level risks and opportunities of potential transactions.

  • A standard due diligence engagement is completed over a four to six week timeline. During this time, we outline potential regulatory concerns and contact key policymakers, including legislators, lobbyists, activists, academics and other stakeholders as necessary.
  • Our final report to our clients is more than a summary of the conversations and research we completed. In addition to identifying the risk, we highlight the most significant risks and opportunities in the overall industry and emphasize our opinion of the political regulatory impact on the potential acquisition in the medium and long term.

Investment Strategy –

Capstone offers a unique perspective on long-term investment themes driven by hard realities emanating from Washington and Europe. We provide our clients with regular research products focused on key financial services, healthcare, energy and special situations policy changes, as well as access to our policy days and conference calls. These opportunities have proven to be extremely valuable to our engaged clients.