Capstone: Leading with Ideas

Capstone is a global policy analysis and regulatory due diligence research firm based in Washington, DC and London, UK that provides expert advice to companies and long-term investors. Developments in centers of government are more crucial to investment strategies than ever before. Legislation, regulatory reforms and new federal oversight are affecting industries in evolving ways, with both near and long-term impacts on business models. Our capabilities are at the international, US federal and state, and European Union and Member State levels.
Capstone was founded in 2010 amidst unprecedented change in the regulatory landscape for the financial services, energy and health care industries. Our professionals analyze policy to uncover unique business and investment strategies for our clients. We pride ourselves on the ability to see over the horizon and to identify long-term policy trends that present both risks and opportunities for our clients.

Private Equity Investors

Capstone provides real-time, insightful analysis for private equity investors of the potential policy-driven risks and opportunities presented by specific potential investments or for existing portfolio companies. Our approach to regulatory and legislative due diligence is grounded in intensive review of public records – proposed and final regulations, comment letters, legislation, think-tank white papers, stakeholder position papers and a host of other sources. We complement this research with outreach to a wide variety of policymakers and other stakeholders to engage in one-on-one conversations about the policy trends affecting a given company (on a no-names basis) or sector. The result is a holistic, predictive view of the long-term policy outlook facing the target or the existing portfolio company. Learn More »


Public Market Investors

Capstone's policy analysis team specializes in creating differentiated investment ideas through deep-dive analyses of federal and state policy. We do not focus on the simple generalities of politics and policy. Instead, our analysts comb the minutiae of rule-making, comment letters, Freedom of Information Act requests, proposed legislation and other government reports. Since all of our analysts are experienced investment analysts, they are able to connect dots that other analysts might miss. Learn More »


Corporate Strategy

Companies in highly regulated industries must vigilantly track and analyze policy changes on the federal and state levels. In addition, companies must analyze these policy changes to assess where opportunities for expansion or investment may be created. Most companies rely on over-extended associations or lobbyists to conduct this analysis. Capstone's team of skilled policy analysts have significant investment and business experience and provide serious assessments of potential policy and regulatory risks as well as comprehensive reports outlining policy-focused opportunities. Learn More »